Social Science Seminar - The Crises of Social Reproduction in Rural China
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Based on 13 months of in-depth ethnographic, interview, and archival research in a rural county in northern Anhui Province, this paper examines changing dynamics in peasant households’ social reproduction. It argues that local government’s push for real estate expansion and implementation of the one-child-policy have significantly fueled the commodification of rural basic education and marriage in the past decade. This process has led to a new, commodified mode of rural social reproduction, under which care labor and financial resources have been focused on providing for the youngest generation, and created massive indebtedness among rural households. Consequently, two interrelated, systemic reproductive crises have emerged in rural China. One concerns a lack of care and financial help for the elderly rural population. The other is a rural demographic collapse. Findings shed light on emerging crises in China’s countryside and the structural limits of China’s economic growth model. It also contributes to the literature on what has become a global reproductive crisis.

Online Via Zoom
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Tiantian Liu is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the Johns Hopkins University. His research takes an inter-disciplinary approach to examine the historical origins, processes, and socioeconomic consequences of land transfer and large-scale commercial farming in China’s countryside. He holds a BA in Political Science and an MA in Sociology. His research interests include development, agrarian change, historical capitalism, and social movements.



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Speakers / Performers:
Mr Tiantian LIU
PhD Candidate, Dept of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University