Research Students

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Ms CHEN Ming 陈明 2023 Gender Inequity, Gender Economics, Development, and Institutions Prof. SHEN Yifan
Ms CHEN Yi 陈怡 2023 Comparative Politics, Quantitative and Computational Methods Prof. ZHANG Dong, Prof. HENDRY David
Mr DENG Xianglong 邓祥龙 2023 Political Economy, Development Economics, and Causal Inference Prof. CAI Yongshun, Prof. ZHANG Dong
Ms HOU Yueran 侯玥然 2023 Chinese History, Quantitative History, Digital Humanities Prof. CAMPBELL Cameron
Ms KE Jiawen 柯嘉雯 2023 Economics of Education, Labor Economics Prof. HAN Li, Prof. WANG Wen
Mr LI Jiajun 李嘉俊 2023 Political Sociology, Digital Sociology, Computational Social Science Prof. SHEN Yifan
Ms WANG Yilin 王藝霖 2023 Popular culture, Gender, Media & Inequality Prof. KU Agnes, Prof. ZHENG Wenjuan
Mr WU Jinfeng 吳錦峰 2023 Political Sociology Prof. CAI Yongshun, Prof. ZHANG Dong
Ms ZHU Ziyue 朱子玥 2023 Sentiment analysis based on social media text; Subculture; Self-harm prevention. Prof. YIK Michelle, Prof. CHENG Chen
Ms DU Xinting 杜新婷 2022 Political Economy Prof. HAN Li
Mr HUANG Xinzhuo 黄鑫卓 2022 Chinese Government and Politics; Political Science Methodology Prof. CAI Yongshun, Prof. ZHANG Han
Mr LAM Hyson Hoi San 林凱燊 2022 Development Economics; Political Economy Prof. HAN Li
Ms LI Aidong 李爱东 2022 Political economy, Chinese politics, and Nationalism Prof. TSAI Kellee
Mr LI Wei 李蔚 2022 Development Economics, Labor Economics Prof. WANG Jin, Prof. LIN Yatang
Ms LI Jingchen 厉景晨 2022 Computational Social Science and Social network analysis Prof. ZHANG Han
Mr ZHANG Shidai 張時岱 2022 Chinese political economy and Chinese politics, especially central-local relations and state-business relations Prof. TSAI Kellee
Mr CHEN Ziyang 陳子揚 2021 Urban Economics, Development Economics, and Political Economy Prof. WANG Jin
Mr CHEN Pei 陳霈 2021 Economic Sociology, Social Networks Prof. ZHANG Han
Ms XU Muyao 徐牧遥 2021 Political Culture, Nationalism, Popular Culture Prof. CAI Yongshun
Ms YIN Yabin 尹雅彬 2021 Economic Development, Political Economy, Media Prof. HAN Li
Mr ZHANG Delin 張德霖 2021 Historical Sociology Prof. HE Wenkai
Ms KWOK Hoo Ching Felity 郭灝晴
*HKPFS Awardee
2020 Ideal Affect, Stress and Coping Prof. YIK Michelle
Mr LIU Siqin 劉思勤 2020 Urban Economics, Culture Economics, Law & Economics Prof. LIN Yimin
Mr LU Wenzhi 陸文質
*HKPFS Awardee
2020 Political Economy, Informal Institutions, China’s Local Administration Prof. TSAI Kellee
Ms PONG Vivien 龐慧思 2019 Conservation Psychology, Identity, Pro-environmental behavior, Empathy Prof. TAM Kevin
Mr NG Ka Lun 吳嘉倫 2018 Inequality and Social Stratification; Quantitative Methods Prof. CAI Yongshun
Ms REN Bamboo Yunzhu 任韵竹
*HKPFS Awardee
2018 Higher Education, Sociology of Education, Education Stratification Prof. LEE James