Social Science Seminar - Five Types of Societies: Illuminating Heterogeneous Patterns of Educational Expansion and Skills Diffusion across 27 Countries
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Recent research argues both education and skills are the key to better understanding our society. However, the literature inadequately examines the heterogeneity within/across countries, overlooking nuanced patterns of societal-level educational expansion and skills diffusion. In this paper, I examine the large-scale OECD data for 27 countries, detecting five distinctive societal clusters according to the aggregate levels of education/skills across cohorts: (1) reaching universal higher education with mid-high skills (universal escalator); (2) moving towards universal escalator with mass higher education (mass escalator); (3) improving skills with relatively limited educational expansion (mass elevator); (4) enhancing education without explicit skills development (mid-skilled travelator); and (5) emerging from low levels of education and skills. As to the determinants of these societal types, cross-national heterogeneities rather than commonalities are confirmed even within the same cluster, ranging from secondary/tertiary education to adult learning, work experience, and skills use. Nevertheless, some common patterns are observed in each cluster concerning returns to education/skills. This includes the diminishing economic value of education in “mid-skilled travelator”; intensified premia for education/skills in “mass elevator”; and insignificant changes in returns to education/skills in “universal escalator.” I argue these framework/findings illuminate the characteristics of societies, thus advancing scholarship on education, stratification, and typologies.

Online Via Zoom
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Satoshi Araki is an assistant professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Lingnan University. He holds his PhD from the University of Oxford, and an MA/BA from the University of Tokyo. Prior to joining Lingnan University, he had worked as an associate professor at the Graduate School of Information and Communication, a consultant of the World Bank/Global Partnership for Education, and a researcher of the Mitsubishi Research Institute. In addition to his academic articles published in the American Sociological Review and the Journal of Happiness Studies among others, he is a lead author of more than 50 policy papers.


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Speakers / Performers:
Prof Satoshi ARAKI
Assist Prof, Dept of Sociology and Social Policy, Lingnan University