Social Science Seminar - The ‘Tao’ of coping with health challenges: The role of positive psychology in the management of chronic health conditions and emergent health threats
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Positive psychology represents a fast-growing research and practice enterprise that focuses on positive functioning, well-being, and adaptation in adversity. In contrast to a disease- or deficit-based model, positive psychology answers how people thrive despite their ill-health. Hence, the enterprise has huge implications on how we make sense of the illness experience of the patients as well as the caregiving journey of their loved ones, and is closely in line with traditional Chinese concepts about health and well-being. In this talk, I will discuss how positive psychological concepts, including gratitude, meaning, and growth, have been applied in local community health contexts to understand and foster the quality of life of patients and their families. Examples from my research and intervention works with local cancer families, infertile couples and my recent COVID-19 adjustment projects will be referenced.

Online Via Zoom
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Dr Hi-Po Lau is an Assistant Professor of Hong Kong Shue Yan University. She obtained a PhD in Psychology with a Fulbright scholarship in the University of Hong Kong. Specialised in health psychology and gerontology, her research aims at empowering adults to cope with (imminent) health threats, illnesses, and aging. Using strength-based and interdisciplinary approaches, her research examines the stress and coping processes behind the management of chronic illnesses and health conditions, successful aging, and family caregiving. Her research has been published in prestigious journals (e.g., Psycho-Oncology, Frontiers in Mental Health), referenced in training for care professionals, and featured in local and international press.



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Speakers / Performers:
Dr. Bobo Hi-Po LAU
Assistant Professor, Dept of Counselling and Psychology, Hong Kong Shue Yan University