Alvin Y.

PhD UCLA, 1982
Professor Emeritus

Alvin Y. So 蘇耀昌 received his BA degree (in sociology) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1975, and his Ph.D degree (also in sociology) from UCLA in 1982.  He taught at University of Hong Kong (1983-84) and the University of Hawaii (1984-1998) before joining HKUST in July 1998.  He was a Chair Professor of Social Science before he retired from HKUST in June 2019. His research interests include development, social class, and the study of East Asian societies.

Alvin is the author of the following six books:

  • The Global Rise of China (co-authored with Yin-Wah Chu, Polity 2016)
  • Classes and Class Conflict in Post-Socialist China. (World Scientific 2013).
  • Hong Kong's Embattled Democracy: A Societal Analysis” (Johns Hopkins University Press 1999).
  • East Asia and World Economy” (coauthored with Stephen Chiu. SAGE 1995)
  • Social Change and Development: Modernization, Dependency, and World-System Theories” (SAGE 1990)
  •  “The South China Silk District: Local Transformation and World-System Theory” (SUNY Press 1986)

Alvin is the editor of “China's Developmental Miracle” (M.E.Sharpe 2003) and the co-editor of the following seven books:

  • Handbook of Contemporary China” (coedited with William Tay. World Scientific 2012).
  • War and State Terrorism” (coedited with Mark Selden. Rowan & Littlefield 2004)
  • Crisis and Transformation in China's Hong Kong” (coedited with Ming K. Chan; M.E.Sharpe 2002)
  • “Survey Research in Chinese Societies” (coedited with Bian Yanjie and Edward Tu. Oxford U Press 2001)
  • The Chinese Triangle of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong” (coedited with Nan Lin & Dudley Poston. Greenwood 2001)
  • Asia's Environmental Movements: Comparative Analysis (coedited with Yok-Shiu F LeeM.E. Sharpe 1999)
  • The Hong Kong-Guangdong Link: Partnership in Flux” (coedited with Reginald Kwok. M.E.Sharpe 1995)


Research Interests
• Development Studies
• Social Classes and Social Conflict
• Historical and Comparative Sociology
• East Asian societies China (Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong), Korea, and Japan