Dr. Annie SHU


PhD University of Hong Kong, 2012

Annie Shu is a psychologist teaching in the Social Science Division. After receiving her Ph.D. from the University of Hong Kong, she worked at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as the lecturer for many years. She has extensive teaching experience in many psychology courses and in the supervision of UG thesis. Her recent interests focus on integrating psychology with other disciplines to promote mental health for humankind. Her research interests include personality (particularly on regulatory focus theory and mindset theory), mental health issues in the criminal setting, motivations in educational and health psychology.

Research Interests
• Personality (regulatory focus theory and mindset theory)
• Mental health issues in the criminal setting
• Motivations in educational and health psychology
Courses Taught
MASS 5982: Social Cognition
SOSC 1960: Discovering Mind and Behavior
SOSC 1990: Research Methods in Psychological Science
SOSC 2210: Social Psychology
SOSC 2990: Developmental Psychology
SOSC 3900: Abnormal Psychology
SOSC 3990: Health Psychology