Yongshun CAI


PhD Stanford University, 2001
Head & Chair Professor

Yongshun Cai’s current research interests include social movements and collective action, legal institution building, and cadre management in China. His research has appeared in British Journal of Political Science, Political Science QuarterlyChina Quarterly, and China Journal. His paper “Disaggregating the State: Networks and Collective Action in Shanghai” (with Fayong Shi) won the Gordon White Prize for the most original article published in China Quarterly in 2006. His book, Collective Resistance in China: Why Popular Protests Succeed or Fail, examines the conditions under which Chinese citizens are able to stage successful collective action. His current research is about how the Chinese state authority manages the vast number of state agents by focusing on the use of discipline.

Research Interests
• Social Movements and Collective Action
• Institution Building and Regime Transition
• Chinese Domestic Politics
Courses Taught
SOSC 1840: Government, Law and Society in China
SOSC 3530: Social Movements and Contentious Politics
SOSC 5480: Issues in Contemporary Chinese Politics
MASS 5060: Political Changes and Political Participation