Undergraduate Courses



2020-21 Spring Courses
Course Code Course Title Faculty  
SOSC 1100-L1 Quantitative Data Analysis for Social Research I WANG Hongbo Download
SOSC 1100-L2 Quantitative Data Analysis for Social Research I WANG Hongbo Download
SOSC 1300 The World of Politics WONG James Ka Lei Download
SOSC 1350 Contemporary China: Continuity and Change LIN Yi-Min  
SOSC 1400 Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area PATCHELL Jerry Download
SOSC 1420 Poverty WANG, Jin Download
SOSC 1450 Introduction to Comparative Politics TANG Wenfang Download
SOSC 1470 The Political and Economic Development of Modern Japan HE Wenkai Download
SOSC 1661 Contemporary Hong Kong: Government and Politics SING, Ming Download
SOSC 1662 Contemporary Hong Kong: Society GROVES, Julian Download
SOSC 1700 What is Democracy ? HE Wenkai Download
SOSC 1780 Population and Development in China MA John Download
SOSC 1850 Understanding Society KU, Agnes Download
SOSC 1860 Population and Society GIETEL-BASTEN Stuart Download
SOSC 1960-L1 Discovering Mind and Behavior CHEN Eva Download
SOSC 1960-L2 Discovering Mind and Behavior WIJAYA Maria Teresa Download
SOSC 1980-L1 Psychology and Everyday Life LAI Beatrice Download
SOSC 1980-L2 Psychology and Everyday Life YIK Michelle Download
SOSC 1990 Research Methods in Psychological Science WIJAYA Maria Teresa Download
SOSC 2130 Education and Society GROVES Julian Download
SOSC 2140 Research Methods in the Social Sciences WANG Wen Download
SOSC 2240 Biological Psychology WIJAYA Maria Teresa Download
SOSC 2290 Understanding Globalization LEE Ching Kwan Download
SOSC 2990 Developmental Psychology LAI Beatrice Download
SOSC 3001 Understanding China, 1700-2000: A Data Analytic Approach LEE James Download
SOSC 3240 Application of Geographical Information Systems MA John Download
SOSC 3520 Understanding Comparative Politics HONG Jean Download
SOSC 3540 Environmental Psychology TAM Kevin Download
SOSC 3550 Educational Psychology CHEN Eva Download
SOSC 3630 — (to colist with SOSC5680) Democracy and Democratization around the World SING Ming Download
SOSC 3700B-L1 Quantitative Social Analysis Practicum WANG Hongbo Download
SOSC 3700B-L2 Quantitative Social Analysis Practicum CAMPBELL Cameron  
SOSC 3720 — (to colist with SOSC6030K) Introduction to Social Network Analysis KELLER Franziska Download
SOSC 3880 Social Inequality and Social Mobility CAMPBELL, Cameron Download
SOSC 4110 Capstone Project CAMPBELL, Cameron Download
SOSC 4260 China’s Economic Transformation HOLZ, Carsten Andreas Download
SOSC 4280 China in the Global Political Economy WONG James Ka Lei Download
SOSC 4290 China’s Sustainable Development LIU Tong Download
SOSC 4330 Quantitative Data Analysis for Social Research III WANG Wen Download

Updated: 8 Mar 2021