Postgraduate Courses


2020-21 Fall Courses
Course Code Course Title Faculty  
SOSC 5090 Quantitative Methods for Social Science Research HAN, Li
SOSC 5110 Social Science Research Design and Methods WANG, Jin
SOSC 5500 (to colist with SOSC 4300) Computational Social Science ZHANG, Han
SOSC 5780 (to colist with PPOL5110) Foundation in Public Policy WU Xun
SOSC 6030L — (to colist with SOSC 4000I) The Belt and Road Initiative: Social Science Perspectives SAUTMAN, Barry
SOSC 6100A/B Independent Study SOSC Faculty Members
SOSC 6400 Research Postgraduate Students Seminar SOSC Faculty Members  

Updated: 16 Sept 2020